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About MHLP

Cinematic Excellence Starts with MHLP: Your One-Stop Line Production Solution

MHLP takes pride in offering an all-encompassing line production service, meticulously designed to streamline the complex pre-production phase of your commercial or film shoot. Our dedicated team’s expertise spans the recruitment of talented film personnel and services, ensuring that your project is staffed with the right professionals. With a keen eye on budget management and scheduling, we plan every detail ahead of time, allowing for a seamless transition into the production phase. We handle every aspect of your shoot, from location scouting and film permit acquisition to art and construction setup, props management, camera and lighting coordination, studio arrangements, casting, stunt coordination, transportation, accommodations, and any other specific requirements you may have. MHLP is your trusted partner in bringing your creative vision to life, ensuring that every logistical element is executed to perfection, leaving you to focus on your artistic vision.